Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Year in Review

So being pregnant with your second child makes it much harder to find time to sit down and reflect on the wonderfully creative and hilarious things that your preschooler says and does. I love writing a bout Mariella and how unique and sometimes unpredictable she is. But this last year has been very hectic. So, instead of many posts, I've accumulated a summary of many of the funny things she has said in this last year. And, now that Max is here, my pledge for 2014 is to do a better job at getting on here and writing more in depth about the crazy adventures of a mother of two. Anyway, here are some highlights of 2013:

April 5, 2013
Negotiating with a 3 year old:

Me: Do you want candy or a cookie because you can't have both.
Mariella: I want a cookie.
Me: Ok, so that means you can't have candy. So you want a cookie?
Mariella: Yes.
Me: Okay, here's your cookie. Now don't ask me for candy, okay?
Mariella: I can have candy later.
Me: No, you can have a cookie today and that's all. Maybe you can have candy tomorrow.
Mariella: Ok, I'll have candy tomorrow.
(Cookie gets eaten.)
Mariella: Mommy, I don't want a cookie, I want candy.
Me: But you already ate the cookie.
Mariella: But I don't want the cookie. I want candy.

July 4, 2013

So, the other day Mariella declared that only mommies have babies in their bellies. She told Chris that daddies and little girls don't have babies in their bellies. So Chris, trying to tease her, sticks his belly out and told her that he in fact did have a baby in his belly too. Apologetically Mariella patted his stomach and said, "No daddy, you're just fat."

July 4, 2013

Last night, Chris took Mariella to see fireworks but because of traffic after the show, they got home really late. She came in the door around 11:30pm so excited. I thought she was going to tell me how awesome the fireworks were. But instead she said, "Mommy, I'm nocturnal!"

July 6, 2013

So first let me say that I think it's amazing that a 3 year old knows all the words to at least five of the top ten hits regularly played on the radio recently, but yesterday we were in the car listening to the radio and from the back we suddenly here, "Daddy turn this up this is one of my bands!"

Nov. 11, 2013

Mariella: Mom I want to go to Juggy Jesus.
Me: Where?
Mariella: Juggy Jesus. It's where a kid can be a kid.
Me: Oh, you mean Chucky Cheese's?
Mariella: Yeah, Chucky Cheese's. It's where a kid can be a kid. I want to go there.

Dec. 21, 2013

A little too much Super Why?

Me: Mariella, please don't spill your soup.
Mariella: But I have to spill my soup. I can't help it. It's in my story.
Me: It's not in your story. You write your own story because your a little girl not a character in a book.
Mariella: No mommy, it's in my story, see? "Mariella spills her soup."

Dec. 23, 2013

Mariella: (To me as I'm getting dressed after my shower) Mommy, your boobies shake just like daddy's.
Me: (Laughing) What?? Daddy's boobies shake?
Mariella: (Whispers and giggles with her hand to her mouth) Yeah, hee, hee.
Me: No they don't! Daddy doesn't have boobies. You're silly. (He really doesn't. I don't know where she was getting this)
Mariella: Well, he doesn't really have boobies like yours. Yours are enormous!

Dec. 23, 2013

Lately, Mariella's TV privileges have opened up to include Sprout, which has commercials. Up until this year, she always only watched PBS, and so she never really saw a lot of commercials, which was great because I never liked exposure to stuff that would automatically make her think she wants it. I liked that she never saw a Barbie commercial or Pilllow Pets commercial, etc. It made life so much easier. But, we love Sprout, so I compromised. However, now she has not only viewed commercials, she has memorized them and become these companies' self appointed representative. Every day, she comes running up to me now with a very convincing sales pitch.

"Mommy, we gotta get Oxyclean."
"Why, Mariella?"
"Because it gets the tough stains out. We need that to get our tough stains out, Mommy."

"Mommy, when we put up our Christmas decorations, we need to use Command Brand."
"Oh, we do?"
"Yeah, we need to use Command Brand for all our decorating needs."
(Then she proceeds to explain to me in detail how the products work.)

"Mommy, we have to buy Gummy Vitamins."
"Yeah, so we don't have to have hard vitamins anymore. And they have them for adults and kids!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Star Is Born/ Shake Your Buddha

Mariella loves to sing.  She sings in the car, in the house, and pretty much anywhere in public.  Lately she has really been picking up the lyrics on her songs.  We play CD's in the car and in her playroom which have tons of great kids songs.  She calls them "my music" and any other sound that has the audacity to leak from the car speakers is adamantly struck down and declared "not music."

One day, we were strolling around the grocery store, one of her most favorite concert venues.  She was singing "Shake Your Booty" by KC and the Sunshine Band.  Now, to be clear this is not a song from her kiddie CD's.  This song she picked up during the era of "Dance Swords."  What is Dance Swords you ask?  Ok, we'll back up a little bit.

About a year ago, we took Mariella to the Halloween store, just for fun.  They had a decent kids section so we had a look at some costume options.  We found foam swords in a bin, right next to a speaker that was playing some dance music.  Daddy picked up a sword and started dancing around and jabbing us with the sword.  Mariella thought this was just the greatest thing and "Dance Swords" was born.  We bought three swords, skipped the costume, and went right home.  Chris put an LED light bulb in the light fixture in the living room that blinked in 20 different colors and even came with a remote control.  He had gotten it for her for Christmas the year before just to stimulate and interest her.  With that, our living room disco was created and Dance Swords commenced.  We put on KC & the Sunshine Band and danced around with our swords.  Best time of our lives.

Months later, we're in the grocery store and Mariella is loudly singing "Shake Your Booty"  only she is pronouncing it "Shake your Buddha!"  I kept requesting that she sing it quietly but she didn't feel the need.  Just then, a fat old lady in a motorized cart came by and stopped near our cart.  Mariella leaned over in the basket, nodded at the woman and said "Hey, hey.  Shake your Buddha."  The woman just looked at us like our heads fell off.  "I leaned toward Mariella and whispered, "Mariella, not everyone likes to shake their Buddha."

The other day, we were walking in the park and Mariella was yell-singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" but only the Weee Ummum Oway part.  Over and over.  Again, I asked her to sing quietly to which she replied, "No I not.  I sing loud.  People wanna hear me."

The Mariella Lexicon Continued

"A Full Load"----- a dirty diaper
Opatus---- octupus
Hongry--- hungry
"You be me happy?"------ what she says when she knows mommy is not happy
"You wanna love me?"----- what she says when she knows mommy is really not happy
"Rerry not rerr come!" ----- Ready or not, here I come!
Babin' suit---- bathing suit
Heepo---- hippo
Blinket---- blanket (revised from "glee glit")
Itty Bitty Mouse----- Stuart Little
Bay Naid----- Band Aid

Dicken Around

Awhile back Mariella and I were looking for something fun to do, just to get out of the house.  It was early spring but the weather was great and we wanted to play.  So, we went to Fulton Farms in Troy.  I thought they might have some small farm animals we could feed or pet.  When we got there, they were still setting up the store for the season.  They weren't officially open yet but the girl there said there were animals out back that we could visit.  They had a very large, very disinterested pig, a pen full of goats that clamored at us like hungry zombies, and some pretty cool chickens and ducks.

Now at the time, Mariella was still struggling with some sounds and she pronounced her "ch" sound like a "d" sound.  But she was pretty excited to see the birds and went about talking to them like they were her friends.  We approached the fence and she knelt down and said, "Hey dickens, how ya doin?"  I tried hard not to laugh out loud but she just kept saying it over and over.  "Hey, dickens, how ya doin?  How you doin', dickens?  Look mommy, dickens!"

There were a lot of dickens.  They were very perky, strutting dickens.  Some were bald dickens, some not so bald.  But when the dickens started to peck at Mariella, I decided it was time to go.  We have a lot of time to deal with exposure to dickens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Minutes

Lately, we have had to institute the Time Out for Mariella.  For awhile, we experimented with it, trying new spots to call the "Time Out" but each time, she managed to find a way to enjoy it.  Finally, we settled on the chair in my office.  It is just off the living room so it works well to separate her from the activity but not isolate her too much.  She has not yet found a way to enjoy it, so it has become our regular go-to spot.

When we sit her in the chair, we tell her what she did wrong and then we say "Two minutes," so she knows how long she has to sit there, not that she can tell time, but it has become part of the routine.  So, for instance, when she throws her toys, we take her in there, sit her down and say, "Mariella, do not throw your toys. Now sit in here for two minutes." Then I usually show her two fingers and I say again, "Two minutes."

The other day, Maggie was the one to get in trouble.  She has developed a stealth lurk and will strike for your food the minute you blink.  She likes to steal Mariella's food for all the obvious reasons.  When she scores, I usually hear Mariella cry and yell, "Mommy, Maggie eatin' my cookie!"  This is what happened the other day.  Well it happens almost every day.  Anyway, when I got to the scene of the crime, Maggie was slinking around the table.  I yelled at her and chased her into the den and told her to "get in her bed!"

Mariella came running behind me and stopped in the doorway to the den.  She threw her arm forward and pointed into the den and yelled, "Two minutes!"

Mommy Fahted

The other day, Mariella and I were sitting at the kitchen table.  She was making her usual attempt at a Guinness world record for the slowest eater and I was not so patiently sitting there staring at her.  Anxious, I folded my arms on the table and sank into them with a big sigh.  When I did this, my bare arm rubbed against the table and made an unflattering noise.  Mariella said to me with a mouthful, "You fahted?"
No, I did not fart, Mariella.  It was my arm on the table."
You fahted?" she asked again, interrupting my explanation.
"No, honey, I did not fart."
"You fahted?" she asked again, this time her mouth clear of food and her spoon pointing at my face.
"No,"  I said getting annoyed.  "I did not fart."
"Mommy, you fahted?"
"You fahted?"
"You fahted?"
"Mariella.  I did not fart.  When I do, I will let you know.  Okay?"
She sat quiet for a minute, looking down at her bowl.  She moved some food around with her spoon as if she was contemplating.  Then she spoke very decisively.
"You fahted."

The Mariella Lexicon

Here is a growing list of Mariella's words and their meanings:

Meno--- tomato
Mena--- banana
Memo--- Nemo
Memaw--- grandma
Monga Fan---- Grandma Fran
Glint Glint--- yogurt
Glee Glit--- blanket
Peda Bahter--- peanut butter
Cutie--- Clementine (tangerine)
Chickmunks--- Chipmunks
No!  My do it!--- I want to do it myself!
Itty Pahder--- spider
Beza--- zebra
Cawee--- crayons/color
B--- bottle
Babbit--- rabbit

more to come.......